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Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

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If you have any concerns about a neurological condition such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease, do not wait; call to make an appointment right now at (972) 479-5179.

We do not provide mediocre care for dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s diseases. 

Our goal is to reverse, decrease the downward spiral of the diseases, and change the progression of the diseases. 

  • For each symptom/concern identified, we take action to correct the imbalance between synapse preservation and synapse destruction that is the root cause of cognitive decline. This synapse destruction in its earliest stages puts you at risk for memory and cognitive decline.  
  • We treat beyond “normal limits”.  We look beyond what many practitioners consider normal lab readings. Lab readings are on scales of “within normal limits”. Not evaluating and addressing concerns of patient’s toward the ends of normal limits is part of the increased mental declines of so many patients’. These “normal limits” are not based on maintaining health, but based on a minimum for life. If you are not interested in optimization and brain resilience, this may not be the Alzheimer’s treatment, dementia treatment, or Parkinson’s treatment for you. For example: a serum homocysteine level of 12-micromoles/ liter is considered to be “within normal limits.” But studies show that it is clearly suboptimal. Similarly, a vitamin B12 level of 300 picograms per milliliter is considered “normal,” but is often associated with symptoms of B12 deficiency or MTHFR. We optimize each value for increased health. 
  • We address as many symptoms/concerns as possible, not just one.Our treatment analogy: The more “holes” in the roof that we can patch, the better the chance of slowing and/or reversing cognitive decline— Our care is not a single therapy or a pill. 
  • We address the root cause of the problem and symptoms it creates.  For example, when we find evidence of ongoing inflammation, we identify its cause and remove it. We do not simply suppress the inflammation with medications while allowing its underlying cause to fester. 
    • Medication for many ailments is a gift. We are not anti-medication and work with many physicians for a comprehensive treatment plan as many clients come to us on numerous medications.
    •  Medicine (especially in the US) states is a treatment that focuses on stopping or reversing symptoms. Unfortunately, especially for brain and neurological conditions, is not a fix or even a temporary fix, because medicine doesn’t address or fix the REAL problem. And the solely medication route has long-range consequences that are significant when the REAL problem is not addressed. 
    • Medication masks or silences and suppresses the body’s ability to respond to the problem. Relying only on medication is like turning off a fire alarm during a fire. You may not hear the blaring alarm, but the fire continues to burn. 
    • Stop assuming a medication will correct neurological problems. And stop assuming the body will fix itself. Neither is the case look at the statistics, more medications, yet more people with these debilitating conditions, not to mention many factors such as genetics, environmental factors, depressed immune system, and so on.
    • When neurological conditions don’t typically have a specific VISUAL reference point, it is morally and ethically unacceptable to only provide medication and send a patient home until the 6-month check up or act as if the brain can not undergo “rehab.”
    • Medication should be the dessert, not the entrée. Again medication may possibly be needed, but our goal is slow or reverses your condition without medications or use lower doses of medications.  We have had many victories in decreasing the dosage of medications, while maintaining the efficacy. The reality is that once you start a medication, sooner or later you have to increase the dose or try more medications when one stops working. It is a vicious cycle. 
    • We are not satisfied with the typical, subpar, and misleading care. 
    • The brain and body are resilient, but is your brain resiliency swiftly declining and/or suppressed by medications? Its like bad breathe; everyone can smell yours, except you.

The ProNeuro program is personalized, based on the laboratory values we find to be abnormal and the whole treatment plan approach that integrates labs, vision, cognitive, brainwaves, vestibular, neurological, and more in care plan. No two people have the same lab values or exact same physical symptoms, so a pill, single therapy, or a one-size-fits-all approach makes no sense. 

  • A threshold effect for neurological conditions is a tipping point for improvement. Similar to other chronic illnesses such as osteoporosis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, there is a threshold effect for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and more. Once enough of the network components have been optimized, the pathogenetic process slows or reverses. Therefore, even if you don’t follow every step of the protocol, following enough steps to exceed the threshold should reach the tipping point from synapse destruction to synapse maintenance and preservation.
    • When do we know what when we have done enough? In Neurological care is brain-based and even in health, something may be perceived as normal or as a problem, when in fact it is not. We re-exam using various neurological tests that qualitatively measure progress as well as ask, survey, and communicate with patients to discuss positive changes. Remember progress takes time, it took a lifetime to get you to this point.
  • Our care goes beyond simply functional parts. The brain must communicate properly with its now healthy parts. Once we have adequate function we integrate therapy to increase the communication and working together, connecting the parts.  As with cars, a car can have a perfect computer, tires, or wheels, but if the parts aren’t connected you have great performing parts that don’t help the car run. 
  • The program is prescriptive and repetitive for you. We use a sequence of operations with repetition to help get you closer to our desired results. You don’t simply obtain a prescription and sit back assuming the problem is solved. The program is broken down into phases, and we constantly adjust it to optimize your brain for ongoing results. 
  • The earlier you start treatment, the greater your chance for reversal. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological conditions are underhanded, sly sneaky conditions that we go for years ignoring our minor slipups and “senior moments” before realizing too late that yes, it really is Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia or the like.
  • We provide diagnostics to “see it coming” years ahead of significant symptoms and a program to address the problem early on or late. Schedule an appointment today to find out where you stand as early as possible. Let us rule out family history, genetics (ApoE4, for example), or biochemistry (e.g., prediabetes). 
  • People should have to die with dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s disease, as long as the diagnosis is made early enough, the care is complete, commitment to therapy, and follow-up for continued optimization is regular. 
  • We are here to help you. You can make it work. It might be helpful to advise you to adopt your individualized treatment for dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or the like in phases, starting with the easiest steps. Just remember, anything or everything it takes is preferable to the progressive of these conditions.

Coem see Dr. Ruben at the first signs of dementia. Come see him at the first signs of Parkinson's. Com see him a the first signs of Alzheimer's.


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  • "I was having headaches everyday due to concussions. My moods were unpredictable and I always felt like I was in a fog. I would have migraines at least once a week. I just didn't feel right and no one was able to tell me what was wrong. The neurologists I went to see would simply say I needed time to rest my brain after a concussion. They didn't tell me what part of my brain was affected or offer any form of treatment. I was frustrated and looking for anything to make me feel better. I went to Dr. Ruben as a last hope. Little did I know he was exactly what I needed. Dr. Ruben took his time to find out exactly what was wrong with me, bringing me not only piece of mind but also a solution. Today, I am feeling more like myself again. I haven't had a migraine in over two months and I can't remember the last time I had a headache. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like a doctor really cared. Thank you Dr. Ruben for giving me my life back!"
    Katie B. SMU Soccer
  • "I have been to other chiropractors, but none have provided the care or knowledge I received from Dr. St. Laurent. He was able to find the root causes to improve my brain chemistry. His understanding of neurology and adjusting techniques had me back on my feet in a few days with less visits."
    Liza L.