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SuperBrain Camp FAQs

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What does Camp ProNeuro include?

Camp ProNeuro includes brain-based physical, mental, and academic activities with positive camaraderie.


What type of activities will my child participate in at Camp ProNeuro? 

  • Primitive Reflex remediation
  • Brain hemisphericity exercises
  • Speed, agility, and reaction time 
  • Visual and Auditory Memory activities 
  • Brain-based academic boosts


If my child attends for more than one week, will he or she do the same activities over again?

Yes and No. Each week is different, but we have a scheduled flow of activities, so campers have a predictable routine. We have campers who come one week, a few weeks, and back-to-back weeks. If they request to do more of a favorite activity, we try to accommodate!


Why are you bringing camps back to ProNeuro Health?

The kids have a blast activating their brains in multiple ways, increasing balance, competing in healthy ways, and enjoying brain-based academic activities.  


Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes! The second child (and beyond) receive a 10% discount.


How do I register my child?

Complete the registration form on our website and then one of our staff members will call to confirm your registration. Our staff will collect the non-refundable camp registration fee of $50 (goes toward your camp balance) or you may pay in full at the time of registration. Full payment is due two weeks prior to your registered camp week. And no refunds issued after a child starts his or her week(s) of camp. If your child would like a camp shirt that is an additional $10 and due at the time of registration. 


What if I need to cancel my child’s registration? 

The $50 deposit is non-refundable. If a registration is canceled two weeks prior to camp for any reason, you will receive full registration minus the $50 deposit. If the cancellation request is received one week prior to camp a refund of 50% will be issued. There is no refund for a “No Show" or after a child starts camp.  Also there are no reduction of fees if a child misses a day of camp. A registration may be transferred to another person for a $25 transfer fee. 

Will there be a waiting list?

Yes, there will be a waiting list for certain camp weeks due to our 6-10 child group sessions. If the session you prefer is full, either select another session or give us a call to be placed on the waitlist.


What clothing does my child need to wear? 

This is Texas! Summers are hot! But some kids like to wear a hoodie anyway! We suggest comfortable clothes they can move in such as school- appropriate athletic outfits. We are planning some outdoor activities, so dress to their comfort level. 


What does my child need to bring?

Please have your child bring a positive attitude, a healthy snack (no candy), and a water bottle. 


Who will supervise my student at camp?

Our amazing, experienced staff!  Our staff includes a former special education teacher, a Montessori teacher, and what we call neurotechs- staff who know how to activate the brain! One of our neurotechs was a camper with us years ago! 


Where does my child check-in and check-out? 

Just come on in the office to check your child in and out on our clipboard. Children of all ages require a parent or appointee signature each day.  


Do you offer early drop off and late pick up?

Yes!  Children can arrive at 8:30 for an additional $35/week. Children can stay later until 1:30 for an additional $35/week. Children can also arrive early and stay late for an additional $60/week.


What is the cell phone policy?

We allow cellphones to remain at the front desk until break time. Children are welcome to check their phones at break, then return the phones when it is time to resume activities. If there are ever extenuating circumstances, we will gladly allow a child to use his or her cell phone to contact a parent. 


What does the daily schedule look like?

Schedule (times vary for afternoon):

9am-10:00am- Partner Games/Activities/Exercises 

10:00am-10:15am- Quick Snack and Restroom Break

10:15am-11:00am- Brain Boost Cognitive/Academic Modules

11:00am-12:00pm- Independent Games/Activities/Exercises 


Will camp staff capture photos?

We have a photo/video release form we would love for you to sign with your approval to take pictures of your child in action. You are also welcomed to decline, but we may take some pictures throughout the day for internal use only to show your children their awesome improvements.


When do I pay for camp?

Camp must be paid in full two weeks prior to the start of your child’s camp week.


Who are the best campers for the neurodiverse/special heroes camp weeks?

We have extensive experience working with children diagnosed with autism, spectrum, visual disturbances, sensory processing deficits, debilitating anxiety, brain injuries, learning and developmental disorders, perinatal injuries, tics and Tourette syndrome, metabolic disorders, and neuromuscular disorders. We welcome children who have any of these conditions and can perform on at least a second grade level. We do, however, ask that if your child presents with significant aggressive tendencies, this may not be the camp for him or her.



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  • "I was having headaches everyday due to concussions. My moods were unpredictable and I always felt like I was in a fog. I would have migraines at least once a week. I just didn't feel right and no one was able to tell me what was wrong. The neurologists I went to see would simply say I needed time to rest my brain after a concussion. They didn't tell me what part of my brain was affected or offer any form of treatment. I was frustrated and looking for anything to make me feel better. I went to Dr. Ruben as a last hope. Little did I know he was exactly what I needed. Dr. Ruben took his time to find out exactly what was wrong with me, bringing me not only piece of mind but also a solution. Today, I am feeling more like myself again. I haven't had a migraine in over two months and I can't remember the last time I had a headache. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like a doctor really cared. Thank you Dr. Ruben for giving me my life back!"
    Katie B. SMU Soccer
  • "I have been to other chiropractors, but none have provided the care or knowledge I received from Dr. St. Laurent. He was able to find the root causes to improve my brain chemistry. His understanding of neurology and adjusting techniques had me back on my feet in a few days with less visits."
    Liza L.